What we do


Nephological can assess your technology environment to address any multitude of I.T. issues affecting your organization

Assistance for your organization’s network, hardware, software, and security issues.

Trying to figure out how to get all your different hardware, mobile devices, and network gear to play nicely together is not what you should be focusing on when you have a business, family, or organization to run.

Cross-platform specialists

Add to that the constant malware threats, mobile security backdoors, “hacking” and “cracking”, and you will understand why companies hire entire departments of I.T. experts for peace of mind.

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Security experts

Nephological can help your small-medium sized organization improve your network, get your hardware working with the cloud, and harden your system & domain security.


BYOD to the cloud

With Systems Engineering experience and I.T. security expertise, we will help you whip your hardware and network into shape and close those backdoors before something malicious gets inside your organization, or worse, gets away with your private data.