Unlimited storage capacity with Google Drive


Never run out of online storage space with Drive – Unlimited, available only to Google Apps users

Google Apps – Unlimited version is a premium upgrade Google Apps for Work users can opt in to receive unlimited storage capacity for their files, photos, music, and mailboxes*


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Drive – Online File Storage and more

Edit documents simultaneously with colleagues

Work with MS Office files directly out of the browser on any PC

Google Documents offer advanced sharing and collaboration capabilities


Google Drive Sync for PCs and Smartdevices

Automatically backup local files on your PC to the cloud

Never worry about losing files to hard drive crashes again

Access your files on smartdevices with Google Drive for iOS and Android



Google+ Auto-backup for Photos

Google Auto-backup app automatically uploads photos from your PC to the cloud

Auto-backup for Photos on smartphones makes sharing photos a snap

Never worry about losing precious photos on a damaged storage card or lost phone


* Google Apps – Unlimited domains with fewer than 5 users provides 1TB of storage per user. 5 or more users increases capacity limit to infinite.