Upgrade to Gmail Professional


Google Apps for Work helps you centralize your personal & business mail accounts to a single master mailbox

A Google Apps for Work mailbox offers universal access from any device, advanced mail features, super-charged extensions and capabilities few competitors can rival



The power of Gmail for your business or organization

gmail128 (1)“Send As” any email address you own through easy-to-use mail account verification requests

Automatically reply with the correct mail account and address your contacts expect to hear from

Filter or compartmentalize your different mail accounts into however you want your Inbox to display

What sets Gmail – Professional apart from every other mail client on the market is a private Gmail search using the power of Google Search artificial intelligence

When you search in Gmail – Professional, highly precise search results from Google’s AI include:

  • Emails
  • Instant Messages
  • Projects (optional Gmail project management extension)
  • Attachments
  • Calendar events
  • Contacts

Other advanced features in Gmail – Professional included in Nephological deployment packages:

  • Undo sent emails up to 30 seconds after sending
  • Connect securely to Apple Mail or MS Outlook with TLS and 2FA security
  • Secretly track when your sent mails are viewed by recipients without their knowledge
  • Delegate limited mailbox access to personal assistants
  • Secure Instant Message & Video conference built-in to Mailbox
  • Dozens of premium extensions and labs unavailable to @gmail.com users

Gmail for iOS and Android by Google, Inc.


Install from Google Play or Apple’s App Store to instantly access your Google Apps mailbox

No complicated setups, no tricky server names and ports

Manage multiple Google mailboxes in one Gmail app


Gmail Offline app for Chrome

Gmailoffline128x128 (1)

Access your mailbox from your PC with no internet connection

Automatically sends offline emails upon reconnecting to internet

Ideal for travel and slow internet connections