More secure than your online banking


Nephological helps you setup 2-factor authentication, encryption, smartdevice security, and anti-virus for mailbox and files…

At Nephological we are big on cloud and system security and think you should be too.

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More and more small organizations are experiencing the same security threats that have been plaguing larger organizations and business for years. Ransomware, javascript and browser vulnerabilities, unpatched operating systems, mobile protection, and lax account security, these are the indiscriminate attack vectors the little guy needs to worry about. The I.T. security mantra is it’s a matter of when, not if… you will experience your own I.T. security attack.

Nephological feels an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and moving your organization to Google Apps for Work is the first step in the right direction to hardening your I.T. security.

Google Security
2-factor authentication prevents remote Google Apps account access

All Nephological cloud packages include setting up user accounts with two-tier account authentication. This means nothing malicious, be it a malware script bot, or a dodgy internet criminal, can access your account remotely without first stealing your ID and password and mobile phone.

Add to this antivirus for your cloud mailbox and email attachments, plus virus scanning for all files stored in your online cloud storage, and you’ve got a serious I.T. security arsenal working for you 24×7 from within the cloud.

Google Apps Device Policy Management App for Android

With users working more and more from mobile devices, it is equally if not more important to secure your smartphones and tablets accessing the cloud. Nephological knows the ins-and-outs of hardening your Android and iPhone devices, including iOS Push certificates, Android antivirus, and Android remote management & control software, so that allowing your organization’s users to “bring your own device” (BYOD) is not the weakest link in your security chain.