Family cloud package

  • Parents wanting a secure online environment for children and family members
  • Google Apps for Work cloud deployment
    • Customized Google Apps Knowledge Base Wiki
      • Secure intranet with How-to documentation, user manuals, and demonstration videos
    • User training for Parents
      • Child Accounts & Devices security training for Parents
        • Monitoring your child’s browser and smartphone activities + geographical location
        • Access to child’s mailbox from parent’s mailbox
      • Google+ Photo Auto-Backup & Sharing training
      • Google Apps 24/7 Customer Care
      • Family instant message & video conference communication apps + training

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The CUMULUS family cloud is unique to Nephological, as it helps a family or similar organization setup a cloud infrastructure designed to protect its core users and give parents/guardians tools to help keep children and minors safe on the internet and in the real world.

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How many parents wish they could keep tabs on their children’s internet habits and find them via their mobile device? Google Apps for Work can make all big brother scenarios happen that parents will love, and their kids HATE. What can we say; it’s shameless, but adding an extra level of internet and physical security for our kids and their grandparents is a very satisfying feeling, nevermind you get an awesome cloud experience out of it for the adults.