“Tradie” Special: Basic Cloud+Website package

  • Basic Website Package on monthly subscription plan
  • Business emails+calendar+contacts with smart device sync with Google Apps for Work
  • Google Apps 24/7 Customer Care

Screenshot 2015-04-10 at 9.02.28 PM

The ANVIL HEAD package provides a website + cloud experience from professional website and SEO specialists. For contractors and tradesmen specialists, this is an easy-to-do and quick means to marketing oneself (+business card). ANVIL HEAD is a quick and painless package ideal for blue and white collar specialists looking to add a bit of income and augment the client list.


Just need a website and business email? The ANVIL HEAD package might be just the ticket. Compare the ANVIL HEAD to the STRATUS and CIRRUS package to see what cloud and/or cloud+web solution works for you.