Cloud packages of all shapes and sizes

Google Apps for Work clouds are scalable and dynamic to fit the needs of any organization, small or large.

Whether a small-medium business, entrepreneur of multiple website domains, or community group, family, professional, or tradie, Nephological knows how to help people and businesses move into the cloud.

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No two clouds are alike, which means Nephological designs your cloud around your requirements and needs.

Nephological packages include customized deployments for businesses, yet clouds aren’t just for businesses.


Families, non-profits, and community groups benefit just as much from having a central location to manage these key elements:

  • Mail and Contacts
  • Files
  • Cal events
  • Enhanced security for users and BYOD
  • Apps to satisfy every I.T. and business need

It’s why Nephological has packages for every kind of organization. Contact us and let us know what your I.T. needs are to see if a cloud-solution is right for you.