Google Apps for Work is the world’s best-valued cloud solution for small-medium organizations

A cloud platform from the internet intelligentsia

There are no shortages of explanations on the definition of what cloud computing is, but for your organization, the meaning is simple: I.T. services and infrastructure every organization needs to thrive and work, accessed using the internet.

Google has taken all the business services we demand and need, packaged them into an easy to use, universally accessible web suite, and integrated it with the power of your own private Google Search artificial intelligence to make Google Apps for Work.


Accessing your cloud is simple, using Google’s Chrome browser, but with special business features and unique domain settings that make it a business browser with domain policies and advanced security you would expect working in a big company with a big I.T. budget.

Authenticator128What Google Apps security provides to its users is partly why Nephological is a big proponent of Google’s cloud solution. Smartdevice management, encryption, antivirus, 2-factor authentication, plus admin security reports help keep malware and hackers out of our cloud and your data secure.

gmail128 (1)Key to every Google Apps cloud is the mailbox page. With built-in instant messaging & video conferencing, optional extensions, and the power of private Google Search artificial intelligence, Gmail – Professional version is the landing page and key to all things in the cloud.

google-drive-icon (1)Drive is your online storage workhorse. Choose between 30gb of file storage or opt for Unlimited storage to keep all your folders and files safe and secure in the cloud. Drive lets you instantly share documents with colleagues and access them from any device.

Cal128 (1)What good is a mailbox if you don’t have an intuitive calendar system connected to it? Google Calendar not only permits you to create and manage unlimited numbers of calendars, it also allows you to create team or corporate cals so that your organization is all on the same page and synchronized.


Google Drive Sync is an additional feature available to Google Apps users who want to be able to backup and access cloud files from their own PC’s hard drive. Simply drag and drop files into your Google Drive local folder and watch them automatically sync into the cloud.

googleapps for mobile-phones (1)Being able to access your data on the go is a key element to Google Apps. Whether iOS or Android, a plethora of apps by Google, Inc. allow you to use the cloud when not in the office or near your laptop. Apps by Google, Inc. also mean no messy setups, no tricky installs.

GappsDevicePolicyMgtWorking from a mobile device is nothing new, but few cloud solutions offer the degree of BYOD management that Google Apps gives its admins. Android policy enforcement, iOS push certificates, and remote control tools makes Google Apps Mobile Device Management a powerful security feature.

The list of Google Apps services and preferred extensions & cloud apps goes on and on. Nephological is here to help you navigate through what are the core elements to your clouds, the fluff, and all things in between.


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