Multi-factor authentication in Social Media Networks: two tokens are better than one

Google Security

In the old days of I.T. security, installing a big brand name antivirus software on your personal computer was all you needed to ensure no harm would come to you, your private data, or your PC. The barbarians were kept at the gate, so to speak, and the line of defense clearly demarcated between you […]

TAG Heuer, Intel and Google Raise the Stakes in Smartwatches


If Nephological has said it once, it will say it again, Android wearables like the TAG Heuer Connected is where the real excitement is when it comes to smart watches. That’s because Androidwear is a Google platform device, which means integration with Google Apps, BYOD policies, and cloud connectivity. The premium one can pay for […]

Testimonial: Mark R. Healy

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Like many independent authors, I’ve often struggled to have my work noticed amid the sea of new releases that flood the market.  It’s an ultra-competitive business and it only gets tougher with every passing year as new authors appear on the scene. When I first started working with Nephological, the first thing that appealed to […]

Testimonial: POMO


See how POMO modernized all their I.T infrastructure into collaborative email, team calendars, secure online file storage, smartdevice syncing, shared contacts, project management and more into Google’s cloud for business.