TAG Heuer, Intel and Google Raise the Stakes in Smartwatches

If Nephological has said it once, it will say it again, Android wearables like the TAG Heuer Connected is where the real excitement is when it comes to smart watches. That’s because Androidwear is a Google platform device, which means integration with Google Apps, BYOD policies, and cloud connectivity. The premium one can pay for an Apple iWatch that must connect to an Apple iPhone adds up to a luxury tax better spent on a true luxury item, like the digitized Android version of a TAG Carrera.

Connecting your digital TAG Heuer Google watch to a Google Apps Device Policy Managed Android phone is arguably the coolest BYOD management policy we can think of. Whether you are a CEO with a regal flair for intelligent smart device choices, or a horophile who knows a game changer in the watch industry when they see it, the TAG Heuer Connected is a serious smartwatch for those who are smart about their [cloud] watch choice.

Don’t take our word for it: read what the NY Times has to say about the release of the TAG Heuer Connected.