Integrate legacy systems and reticent users into your new cloud? It’s a specialty of Nephological.

Every Nephological client is different from the last.  So is the hardware, software, and user base.HardwareIntegration252222_128

Knowing how to support and integrate different pieces of hardware, software, and network gear into the cloud is a particular skill set of Nephological. Whether a business wishes to integrate a multi-function unit (MFU) network printer/scanner into the cloud, or has an old Windows or Apple server operating as a file server, specialty comms gear, or even “old dogs” who claim they can’t be taught new tricks, Nephological has seen it all and provided workflow solutions and workarounds to help organizations connect legacy systems to their new cloud and operations.

Nephological has the skills and experience to help almost any organization adapt and integrate their systems and users into the cloud. If your organization has a “unique” setup, contact Nephological to see if a viable solution and change management plan can be customized for your existing I.T. systems to provide a smooth transition into the luxurious ease of a new Google Apps for Work cloud.