Nephological Premium Support Plan for Google Apps for Work

Supporting your organization’s Google Apps for Work cloud

Google Apps for Work empowers an organization to self-manage their own I.T. infrastructure. Having the additional peace of mind that Nephological is available to answer questions and directly solve I.T. issues related to Google Apps and integrated systems or devices allows you to focus your energies on your organization and business, rather than do-it-yourself I.T. troubleshooting.

What is the Nephological Premium Support Post-deployment Support Plan?

Nephological Premium Support Plan for Google Apps for Work (PSP-GAW) provides a premium and comprehensive post-deployment support customer care plan for less than a $1 AUD per day per user for organizations wanting a higher level of expertise and personalized Google Apps-centric technical support found nowhere else in Australia. 

Why do I need I need a premium support plan? Don’t Google Apps users have access to the Google Apps Enterprise Customer Care center and help portal?

While all Google Apps for Work users have access to the Google Enterprise 365x24x7 customer care help desk as an inclusive element to having a Google Apps user license, Google Apps Enterprise support only provides telephone & email-based customer care services for core services in Google Apps.


Nephological’s Premium Support Plan provides comprehensive support for all services related to the entire Google infrastructure using video conferencing, instant messaging, email, phone, and SMS support channels.

Premium Support Plan pricing

Nephological Premium Support Plan for Google Apps for Work offers a comprehensive solution and affordable pricing to Google Apps organizations wanting a premium post-deployment support solution. PSP-GAW  is structured on a monthly or discounted per user annual subscription rate.


The Nephological Premium Support Plan for Google Apps for Work includes:

  • Unlimited email & instant message based support and real-time web conference consultations
  • Google Apps licensing, subscriptions, and billing management
  • Domain administration, including DNS and registrar management
  • Liaising with Google Enterprise Support help desks on behalf of user
  • New Smart devices setup and sync activation
  • Security audits and 2-factor authentication support
  • General I.T. inquiry support

With prices starting at less than $1 per day per user for an annual subscription, Google Apps for Work organizations can afford the peace of mind that comes with having an in-house I.T. and Google Apps expert on their team.