Social media marketing deployment, training, and strategy for Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+

“It is literally promotion that money can’t buy,” according to the New York Times.1 Having your business or organization on Google+ = discovery on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. While Facebook and Instagram may be the social media network belles of the ball in certain parts of the globe, Google+ posts “actually show up” in [Google] search engine results.


This is because Google+ is fully integrated with Google Search and its artificial intelligence algorithm. Facebook and many other popular social media networks intentionally restrict their metadata from Google web crawlers, which means for your organization to effectively engage others, Google+ needs to be a part of any holistic engagement strategy.

If you want your digital marketing efforts to show up in Google Search and Google Maps, Google+ is the most effective means to this end.

Nephological knows all the ins and outs of Google+, including managing Google Maps listings, the various Google+ company page types, advanced Google+ management, and training for your social media marketing team.

1 NYT – The Plus in Google Plus