Is your domain registration parked?  Got DKIM? SPF in the house? Does any of this make sense?

If you are a business or professional organization, these domain and DNS settings should all be an active part of your I.T. infrastructure.

Privatize domain registration contact details and park domain registration

With the Domain Hardening add-on, Nephological ensures your domain registration is safe and secure so that it can not be transferred to another domain registrar and “hijacked”. We can also assist in making your domain registration details hidden for privacy and anonymity.

DKIM & SPF domain records for added mail security

Nephological will also create special DNS records designed to work specifically with Google Apps that add an extra level of mail security and authentication. If your business or professional organization relies on emails not getting tagged as spam, or worse, “marked for death” on SPAM global blacklists, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are essential email components to secure business I.T. infrastructure.

Having Domain and DNS security enhancements goes a long way to ensuring your business or organization avoids those nasty surprises like domain hijacking and spam blacklisting for years to come.