Own more than one URL? Manage multiple domains within a single cloud? Google Apps is ideal for entrepreneurs and dynamic organizations

When it comes to working with more than one domain or multiple organizations under one umbrella, Google Apps for Work is designed to easily work with complex organizations.

Domain_multiple_200x200If your organization owns more than one URL, or prefers to manage sub-organizations i.e. another web addressed company, under one management system, a Google Apps cloud is extremely flexible. Nephological takes care of all the technical bits and sets up your Primary domain and parent organization to operate with multiple secondary URLs/domains beneath it.

This allows a single management team to operate multiple teams of users in different domains, with complete oversight and admin reporting tools. Your cloud expands and collapses as your Primary domains requires it.

Contact Nephological to learn more about this advanced feature and how Google Apps for Work makes life very easy for entrepreneurs and multiple URL businesses.